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With JTG Press, the resource center for Less Commonly Taught Languages.

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JTG Press’s library of publications in Less Commonly Taught Languages (LCTLs) helps government, educational, and commercial organizations and linguistic professionals to develop their own libraries and fill gaps in their existing collections.

JTG Press’s language researchers build resources by utilizing examples of contemporary language found in authentic sources both in-country and online. Our lexicographers design and develop materials suitable for either self-study or small group learning, supporting a pre-deployment language course, preparation for a transfer to an overseas company branch, or a dedicated linguaphile’s passion for learning.

JTG Press provides the highest quality and most authentic language content available in the world to support the language learning processes and operational goals of governmental bodies and educational institutions. With our 25+ years of expertise in language training, content development & selection, transcription, translation, and interpretation, the choice is clear – and the books are here.


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